What birthstone is associated with the month of January? Also, we look into the different birthstones, colors, and meanings.

For those who may not know, birthstones are gemstones that are associated with a particular month of the year. Each stone has particular meanings and associations, and some of these meanings are influenced by the birthstone’s color.

Birthstones give off particular and unique energies which are believed to affect our personalities and the emotions of individuals born in that month. These gemstones are associated with certain types of healing, and also, bringers of good fortune. Their energies can also be channelled by wearing or being near these birthstones.

What is the Birthstone of January?

Garnet is the stone that is most commonly associated with the month of January. However, there are a few other less well known stones. These gemstones include onyx and jasper. There are some other stones that are loosely associated with the month of January, but we will focus on these three.

January Birthstone Color & Meanings


January birthstone garnet meaning.

The birthstone of January is the Garnet stone. The Garnet stone is generally a dark red color. However, it can vary in tone, from lighter and darker varieties, ranging from pink to almost black in color. Its color depends on the mineral balance of the stone.

The Garnet stone is classed as a silicate mineral, and they have been used as gemstones since around 3000 BC. Garnet derives from the word (granatum), which is Latin. The word granatum can either mean grain or seed. The color of the garnet resembles the color of the seeds of the pomegranate fruit.  

If you like the garnet gemstone, it may suggest a few things about your personality. You are a reserved person, and you appreciate elegance. You wish to be seen as a respectable person, and a person of value.

Garnet Birthstone Color Meaning

The garnet stone is symbolic of positivity, faith, and constancy. They are also believed to bring good health, prosperity, and good luck.


January onyx birthstone meaning.

The onyx stone is classified as a chalcedony quartz mineral. It’s one of the earliest mentioned gemstones in the bible. It was often included as part of the armor of warriors. This was because of its protective meanings and associations.

If you like the onyx stone, your personality is one of mystery and privacy. You like to look good, but you are not necessarily looking for attention.

Onyx Birthstone Color Meaning

Onyx is symbolic for protection, and seen as a guardian angel. Some ancient cultures, including the Greeks and Romans, considered the onyx a source of protection. They also believed that being in the vicinity of the stone would enhance the bravery of a warrior.


Jasper January birthstone meaning.

Jasper is a mineral, and it’s classified as a Chalcedony, which is a type of quartz. Jasper comes in a wide variety of different colors. They are usually red, but they can also be found in the following colors; yellow, blue, orange, and black.

The personality of somebody that likes the jasper stone depends on the color and pattern of the stone. However, because the stone is less flashy than other gemstones, it suggests less focus on aesthetics and status. It more than likely suggests an introverted and private personality that enjoys self-expression.

Jasper Birthstone Color Meaning

Jasper is symbolic of wisdom, courage, and strength. Jasper was believed to be the stone of truth and divinity.