These are some interesting and perhaps surprising facts and myths about color that you might not know about. Colors can be fascinating to some of us, and I wanted to pick out some of the most interesting facts and dispel a few of those myths about color.

Fear of colors

Color Wheel & Color Psychology

Yes some people can actually have a phobia of certain colors, known as Chromatophobia. It’s a rare condition where the suffer has an association between a past negative experience and a particular color. Seeing that particular color triggers a negative reaction.

Pink in prisons

Some prisons and psychological institutions in Europe are using pink paint in their interiors to help deal with violent prisoners or patients. Pink is believed to lower blood pressure and heart rates, which has calming and non aggressive influences on the people exposed to the color.

Bulls hate red

Bulls don’t seem to care about what color is being waved in front of them. It turns out it’s the motion which triggers the bull to charge, not the color.

Safest car color

White has over taken silver as the safest most popular color for a car, apart from when it snows. Silver once ruled as the safest color, however during heavy rain and fog it becomes very difficult to see. Lime green and various shades of orange are becoming more common on the roads, which may-be the most visible and safest of all. However as of this moment they’re not so popular, as most people prefer to stick to more conventional colors.

Depth perception

Warm and light colors are perceived as being closer, while cooler and darker colors seem further away. This is sometimes used by artists and designers to gain a desired effect.

Color affects our appetites

Warm colors like red and yellow can actually increase our need to feast. There is a reason why many fast food companies use these colors in their food outlets. Pink is associated with candy and sweets, it makes us crave those high sugar foods. Blue is known to suppress appetites.

Colors don’t really exist

They sort of don’t exist. Colors are just wavelengths. We only see colors because that’s how our brains interpret those wavelengths.

Men and women see colors differently

Women see the color red better

Studies suggest that women are better at differentiating between different shades of colors, particularly the color red. This is because there is a gene located on the X chromosome which is believed to be directly linked to seeing the color red. Women have two of these genes compared to just one for men.

Cats and dogs can only see black and white

Turns out this is just a myth. Modern science now shows that cats and dogs have two types of cones that can detect color. These cones can detect the colors blue and green. This gives them a far better ability to detect color than was once previously believed. However they are still unable to see warmer colors, as they are absent of the cone that we humans have which can detect the color red.Save








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