This page includes a list of things that are black in nature, including animals, plants, fruits and vegetables, and anything within the Universe that occurs naturally.

Black can either be all colors combined. This is the case when it comes to pigments, or paint. Black can also result from the complete absence of light. This is the case when we are talking about light and physics. With this being noted, let’s move to our list of things that are black in nature.

Black Things in Nature


Orca (Killer Whale)

Orca, killer whale.

The Ocra or Killer whale is a large predatory marine mammal. They can live up to 90 years of age and males can grow to 10 meters or more in length and weigh more than 9000kg or 9 tones.

Black Bear

Black bear.

Starting off with our black things in nature is the black bear. The black bear is found in North America and it’s also known by its less commonly known name baribal.  


black dog, Labrador.

Dogs often can have black fur. Probably the best and most common example is the black Labrador.



Some gray wolves can have almost entirely black fur. It’s a color variation that affects less than 4% of wolves. For some reason, black wolves are more common in North America than any other place that wolves inhabit.



Gorillas are the largest of the primates and they are a member of the ape family. They are considered to be very intelligent, they have been observed using tools. The majority of their body is covered with black hair. However, males known as silver backs have a mixture of gray-silver hair.



Another well-known species of ape with black hair is the Chimpanzee. Like the gorillas, chimpanzees have also been observed using tools.  

Giant Panda

Giant panda.

The Giant Panda is a species of bear. Its diet consists almost entirely of bamboo. Some experts believe that the Panda was once a meat eater, and for whatever reason its diet changed. Pandas are known for their black and white fur.  



Skunks are well-known for their black and white colored fur, and their talent for producing a bad smelling liquid. They are able to spray a foul smelling fluid from their rear end.



Zebras with their stripy black and white looking fur are striking looking animals, and very distinctive. There are currently three different species of Zebras, and they are related to horses. They are a part of the same genus. 


Black and white cat. Woody.

Here I’m referring to the domesticated cats. They can be found in a wide variety of colors. Tabby cats often have at least some black fur, sometimes they are completely covered in black fur.  


Black Jaguar.

Jaguars are one of the four true big cats that are part of the Panthera genus. They are the third largest big cat after lions and tigers. Male jaguars can reach weights of around 300lbs. They can be found and inhabit rainforests in various South American regions. The Jaguars’ normal coloration includes black spots. However, due to genetic variation, some Jaguars can have an abundance of black pigments, creating the Black Panther variation of the Jaguar.


Black Leopard.

The leopard is the smallest of the Panthera genus, which includes the Lion, Tiger, and Jaguar. Leopards have amazing agility, and they are well-known for their ability to climb and hunt prey that would be out of reach for other big cats. They can be found in Africa, India, Russia, and East Asia.

Like the Jaguar, they have black spots, and there are also a rare few that have almost entirely black fur. These are the Leopard variations of the Black Panther.     


Black Swan.

These large birds are known for being almost completely covered in white feathers. However, there is a separate species which is covered in black feathers. Swans are closely related to ducks and geese.


Black things, butterfly.

These insects have many symbolic meanings spanning a wide variety of different cultures. Butterflies display many different colors, and black is often included in their various color combinations.


Black Ant.

Insects, on the whole, are often black, ranging from flies, beetles, to ants.


Black Scorpion.

Arachnids such as various species of spiders and scorpions are black or partly black.  



Crows are a member of the Corvidae family. They are considered very intelligent birds, which have been observed to have good problem-solving abilities. Crows can be found in almost every part of the globe.  



Ravans are part of the same Corvidae family as crows. They are very similar to crows but larger. Ravens have strong symbolic meanings across many different cultures, ranging from the positive to the negative.



Penguins are known for their funny walk and black and white coloration. There are as many as 18 different species of penguin. The largest and most well known is the Emperor penguin.


Black Bird.

Blackbirds are a species of thrush, and they belong to the family named Turdidae. They are common place in Europe. However, there are various different species, some of which can be found in South America and Asia.


Black Sheep.

A sheep with a black fleece is rare. The coloration happens due to a regressive gene.


Black caimans are found in South America hanging around the Amazon. They are one of the largest reptiles, reaching lengths of 12 – 13 feet, and weighing over 400kg. 


There are a few different species of lizards that are referred to as black lizards. These species include: the monitor lizard, the spiny-tailed iguan, the whiptail, and the black anole.

Black Mamba

Black Mambas can vary from a brownish color to black. They are extremely venomous, and they can be highly aggressive snakes. They are often found in sub-Saharan Africa. The black mamba’s scientific name is Dendroaspis Polylepis. They can grow over 13 feet in length, making them one of the largest venomous snakes in the world.

Fruits & Vegetables


Black Grapes.

Grapes can be green, red, purple, and black in color.


The olive tree produces fruits that can display a green to black coloration.


The blackberry fruit, as the name suggests, is black. The berry is grown from many different species of the Rubius genus.



Jade stone, black things.

The onyx is a type of quartz. While they are most commonly black, they can also be found in brown, gray, and white.


Black diamond.

Black diamonds are very rare, and their coloration is because they consist of densely packed carbon atoms.


Black pearl.

Black pearls are produced by black-lipped oysters, and they are very rare, which also makes them highly valued and sought after. They also have an iridescent quality which produces other colors such as blue and green.


The tourmaline mineral or gem can be found with a black coloration. Tourmaline can be found in a wide variety of different countries.

Other Black Things & Natural Phenomenon


Coffee beans are usually brown. However, some varieties can appear black. Coffee is a very popular drink which is made from ground coffee beans. As well as for taste, coffee is often consumed because of its ability to stimulate, and make us more alert.

Black Bean

Black beans are very popular and used worldwide for a variety of cuisines. They are known to have many health benefits.


Soil is often considered brown in color. However, depending on the region and composition, it can appear black. Soil is a mix of organic and inorganic elements. Soil is often seen as the foundation for life and growth. It supports the growth of plants and trees.


Obsidian is formed from volcanic lava as it quickly cools. This rapid cooling of the lava creates obsidian, which is a natural form of glass. Humans have been using obsidians to form tools and weapons for thousands of years.


There are a few different woods that are considered different shades of black. The more dense the wood, the darker the color generally is. These include the wood from the following trees: ebony, wenge, African blackwood, black walnut.


Humans and animals can have black-colored hair.

Eyes & Pupils

Everyone’s pupils are black, and some can have close to black irises.


Coal is mostly made up of carbon, with traces of nitrogen, oxygen, and sulphur. Coal is one of those evil fossil fuels we keep hearing about. Coal is actually the fossilized remains of ancient animals and plants.


Carbon is an element, and one of the most abundant elements in the known universe. All life on earth is considered a carbon-based life-form. It’s in our atmosphere, known as carbon dioxide. So, it’s a big deal.


Soot is the result of burning oil, coal, gasoline, and wood. It’s a black powdery substance.


Black sand is made up of denser minerals; these include, ilmenite, magnetite, and hematite. Black sand is often found near volcanic areas due to the erosion of volcanic rocks.


Tar comes from organic materials like coal and wood. It’s a thick sticky black substance that is used in the creation of asphalt, plastics, roof tiles and various other things.  


Space is mostly nothingness. Its blackness is broken up by the light that is produced by stars.

Black Holes

Black hole, black things.

Black holes are spheres of incredibly dense matter. In fact, they are so dense that it is hard to get your head around. The accretion disk of a black hole can produce more light than stars. However, the gravity of the black hole itself is so strong that the speed of light cannot escape its gravity.   

Plants & Flowers

Baccara Rose

The black baccarat rose. The flower is mainly a dark red color. However, parts of it appear darker, approaching a blackish-red.


The flowers of the iris often appear violet-blue. Some of the flowers can get very dark, and are considered black.

Elderberry Bushes

Certain varieties, particularly the European varieties of the elderberry bush appear black. The darkness is because of the very high amounts of antioxidants.

Black Bat Flower

The Black Bat Flower, its scientific name is Tacca Chantreri. It’s a type of flowering plant which has a dark purple to black coloration. It’s called the black bat flower because its flowers can often appear like a flying bat.


There is a particular species of bamboo that was originally found in China that has dark purple to black canes.


The Dahlia plant can blossom flowers that have a very dark red coloration, and they can even appear black, or at least parts of it.

Bell Bushes

Bell bushes are tropical flowers that can be a very dark red or purple with parts of the flower appearing black.