Color Maroon-Burgundy

Differences between colors Maroon and BurgundyWhat is the difference and meanings of the colors maroon/burgundy? plus what does it say about your personality if one is your favorite color or if you drive a maroon or burgundy car.

Maroon and Burgundy are similar colors, both are part of the color red family and they’re often confused with each other.

Differences and origins of Maroon and Burgundy


Maroon is a variant of red, a dark red brown color. It’s created from a combination of the three primary colors in paint (Subtractive RYB) red, blue and yellow. It gets its name from the word marron which is French in origin, it’s a large chestnut.


Burgundy is a more red purplish color, the balance between red and blue has changed to include higher levels of blue which gives it a purple tint. It gets its name from Burgundy wine, from the French region Burgundy.

Wearing, or to drive a Maroon or Burgundy car?

You like red however you want something a little more sophisticated, luxurious and reserved. It shows someone takes pride in their appearance. They more than likely want to be seen in a particular way which shows a strong interest in what others think of them.

Social status is probably something they often think about and seek. They may want to be seen as rich, in a financial way and also rich in character. Appearance is important however it would suggest an introverted personality that seeks value in their time alone.

It could also show some unconventional thinking, a desire for being unique and to express themselves without seeking attention.

Personality if Maroon or Burgundy is your favorite colorMaroon & Burgundy Personality & Affects

  • You value greatly your individuality and being unique.
  • You love luxury items and you can be a little materialistic.
  • You’re introverted and reserved in personality.
  • You like to be seen as a person of wealth, sophistication and high social status. How others see you is important to you.


Increases energy in a thoughtful, dignified and controlled way.

Encourages seriousness and reserved character traits.

Encourages feelings of warmth and comfort.







  1. Martha said:

    This is so true, IAM this way and it is a relaxing color, my apt is full of it , and I love my own company.

    December 24, 2017
    • CPM said:

      They make great secondary colors for home decoration, comforting, classy and sophisticated.

      Thanks for reading.

      July 7, 2018
  2. Josh said:

    I found this article to see if it related to me. It defines me perfectly!

    March 6, 2018
  3. Mike said:

    Yes! Love Burgundy..
    It’s red and it’s purple.. it’s passion and sensual and it is mystery. The best of Red and Purple.
    And it’s not too obvious as red or has a hint of blue as in purple. It is the perfect colour!

    July 5, 2018
  4. JOANNA said:


    August 10, 2018
  5. Charli said:

    I have had a set of Damsk strip sheets, wine/burgundy in color, can’t sleep as calmly in any other color. I am on the hunt for similar ones, as mine are well used. One wall in my bedroom is the same. My husband reluctantly painted my office the same color. Now he likes it as much as I do. He decided to use it in one of the guest bedrooms as well.

    October 26, 2018

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