What is the meaning and psychology of the color amber, where does it come from and how is it commonly used? Plus, what effects and associations does the color have, and what does it suggest if you like the color amber?

Amber is a color that you will find on the color wheel between yellow and orange. So it’s basically a yellowish orange color. Amber looks more orange than yellow, often described as a darker shade of orange. The name Amber, which gets its name from tree resin, was first used to describe the color in the early 16th century.

Amber color meaning, symbolism, and hex codes.

Common Uses & Associations

The color amber most common uses are the middle color used in traffic lights and indicator or turn signal lights in cars. Amber is also commonly displayed on road side maintenance/repair vehicles and road side signals and various displays.

Near St Petersburg there is the Catherine Palace. Within that Palace lies the Amber Room. The Amber Room is decorated in both Gold and Amber. A few soccer/football teams have also worn the amber color for their team uniforms.

Amber Meanings & Personality

Amber is great for those who have a love for orange. However, they prefer a slightly toned down, less attention-grabbing shade. Those who prefer bright colors often do so because they get energy from external sources, including colors.

Wearing amber suggests that someone is not afraid of attention. It could imply a more outgoing personality. They gain energy from groups and often enjoy indulging in general small talk.

Amber is also a color that is unique, uncommon, which could be an expression of the desire to be unique and different. This suggests a person that is highly intuitive, who leads with their sixth sense, aka intuition. This usually results in a creative mind, an out of the box thinker, or perhaps they come across as a little spacey in their demeanor.

They are also very likely to be open-minded, open to different ideas and ways of thinking. Open-minded people are often seeking new experiences, and they look for variety in life.    

Amber Color Combinations

Colors that go well with Amber.

There is real potential to use amber in interior design. Amber combines well with dark neutral colors like taupe and darker shades of gray. You may also be able to achieve a natural and somewhat analogous appearance when combining amber with various shades of brown and dark green hues.

Influences & Psychology – The color amber gains attention and can increase short-term powers of observation, and increase general alertness. Amber also encourages extroverted traits, including positive emotions, and generally being more social. Amber can stimulate and increase physical and mental energy. As a warm color, amber can encourage feelings of warmth.


    1. Hi. If you have personal peaceful or tranquil associations with Amber, due to personal experiences, then perhaps yes. If those personal associations are stronger than the universal effects, the personal associations will likely be more dominant.

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