What are 50 of the most common and popular tints and shades of black, including color names and HEX and RGB color codes? Black can either be the inclusion of all colors, or the absence of color entirely.

Shades of black with names and Hex codes.

Black is often associated with authority, power, seduction, and strength. Black is very versatile, it can be used for both business and pleasure.

There are not many differences between many of the shades of black. Someone needs a good eye to differentiate between many. Some of the most popular shades include jet, ebony, charcoal, jade, and onyx.


HEX #000000

RGB 0 0 0

50 Shades of Black – Names & Color Codes


HEX #040404

RGB 4 4 4

Jet, or jet black, is the color that represents the jet gemstone. Technically, it’s a form of lignite. Most gemstones are classed as minerals. However, jet is a mineraloid because of the materials it’s comprised of. The first use of jet as a color name was in 1450.   


HEX #060000

RGB 6 0 0

Oil black is considered one of the colors of used oil.


HEX #141821

RGB 21 23 33

Cool black has a few variations. It’s usually a lighter tint with a relativity strong bluish appearance.


HEX #000302

RGB 0 3 2

Jade black represents the color of the black jade mineral. The Jade is often used for ornaments and jewelry.


HEX #0A0500

RGB 10 5 0

Leather resembles the average shade of black used for leather shoes and jackets.


HEX #0B0705

RGB 11 7 5

This represents the common black color of crows.


HEX #0A0502

RGB 10 5 2

Ebony resembles the color of dark ebony wood. Ebony wood is well-known for being used for dark piano keys accompanying ivory.


HEX #080403

RGB 8 4 3

Raven’s are very much like a larger crow’s. Like crows, they are considered to be very intelligent. They also share a very similar shade of black.



RGB 13 12 10

Black metal is, in fact, black.


HEX #070302

RGB 7 3 2

The sable is a small mammal, and its coloration can range from brown to very dark brown, bordering on black.


HEX #030605

RGB 3 6 5

Obsidian is a type of black glass which is naturally formed by volcanic lava.


HEX #180E09

RGB 24 14 9

Soot represents the color of black soot. It has a slight reddish tone to it.


HEX #0D0A09

RGB 13 10 9

Coal is a type of rock, and it’s believed to have originated mostly from plant matter; it’s formed over millions of years of compression within the Earth. It tends to be dark brown to black in color.


HEX # 060507

RGB 6 5 7

Midnight represents the blackness of the night. It has slightly higher amounts of blue, giving it a very slight tinge of blue.


HEX #080602

RGB 8 6 2

Ink represents the common shade of black ink.


HEX #060008

RGB 6 0 8

Pitch is very close to pure black, it includes slight amounts of red and blue.


HEX #050300

RGB 5 3 0

Spider black represents the color of the common house spider.


HEX #29241E

RGB 41 36 30

Charcoal is one of the lighter shades of black. It can resemble dark gray. However, it has relativity high amounts of red, green, and blue. This gives it a reddish tone, and it tends to get classified as black.


HEX #050206

RGB 5 3 8

Onyx is often considered to be a black gemstone. Technically, it falls under the category of an oxide mineral. Its coloration is close to pure black, with a very slight tinge of blue.  


HEX #0B0907

RGB 11 9 7

Grease is the average color of the usually thick liquid substance that is often used as a lubricant.

Black Olive

HEX #363732

RGB 54 55 50

Black olive is one of the lighter tints. It has a slight yellow and greenish appearance.


HEX #1D1312

RGB 29 19 18

Licuorice, and known in the UK as Liquorice, is created from the glycyrrhiza glabra, a type of plant. The licuorice color has a slight red tinge.


HEX #443D3D

RGB 68 61 61

This shade represents the color of the black American Eel. It’s a lighter black with more of a reddish influence.

Black Bean

HEX #310A02

RGB 49 10 2

Black beans are also sometimes called turtle beans. They are a type of legume. Their coloration has a relatively strong inclusion of red.

Raisin Black

HEX #221F22

RGB 34 31 34

Raisin black resembles the darker shade of raisins. It’s a very dark purple or violet.

Black dog color palette with hex codes.


HEX #191919

RGB 25 25 25

Eerie is generally considered a shade of black, but it could equally be considered a dark gray.


HEX # 07110E

RGB 7 17 14

This color is known as vampire black. It has a very slight greenish appearance.

Black Cat

HEX #3E3637

RGB 62 54 55

This represents the average color of the 20 plus known domesticated cat breeds that can have a full coat of black fur.

Moonlit Ocean

HEX # 1B242E

RGB 27 36 46

This is moonlit ocean black, which is darker than the dark blue moonlit ocean pantone color.   

Volcanic Ash

HEX #272727

RGB 39 39 39

Volcanic ash black is a darker variant of the volcanic ash color.


HEX #182518

RGB 24 37 24

Alien black is a shade of black with a slight hint of green.


HEX #191610

RGB 25 22 16

This shade of black represents the color of dark chocolate.


HEX #061618

RGB 6 22 24

This is metropolis black. We take the blue-green color of metropolis, and significantly darken it.

Dark Water

HEX #011A29

RGB 1 26 41

This represents the near black color that water can appear. It has a slight bluish appearance.



RGB 29 30 29

This lighter black is commonly found in retro environments and settings.


HEX #021A00

RGB 2 26 0

This shade of black has a high value of green compared to its other color values.

Blackened Pearl

HEX #4B484E

RGB 75 72 78

Sometimes pearls can have a very dark coloration. This represents the very dark color (approaching black) that pearls can be found with.



RGB 26 26 28

This is the approximate color of what is known as aesthetic black.


HEX #280202

RGB 40 2 2

Sepia could be considered a very dark reddish brown, or reddish black. The color comes from the pigment that is extracted from the ink sac of the sepia cuttlefish. The pigment was commonly used as ink and by artists. Historical records suggest that it was commonly used by the ancient Romans and Greeks, and its regular artistic use continued in other parts of the world until the 19th century.     



RGB 14 15 15

This represents the approximate shade of black that is common with modern day technology, such as phones, computers, and some household appliances.

Deep Space

HEX # 14141C

RGB 20 20 28

Resembling the bluish black shade of deep dark space.

Smokey Black

HEX #0F0B07

RGB 15 11 7

Night Shadow

HEX #272223

RGB 39 34 35


HEX #080305

RGB 8 3 5

Off Black

HEX #312F2E

RGB 49 47 46


HEX #003838

RGB 0 56 56

Gothic Grape

HEX #2F2636

RGB 47 38 54

Treasure Island

HEX #10110D

RGB 16 17 13


HEX #29292A

RGB 41 41 42


HEX #181818

RGB 24 24 24


HEX #131313

RGB 19 19 19


HEX #14141B

RGB 20 20 27


HEX #010304

RGB 1 3 4

Black cat palette shades with hex codes.