What colors look really good together? You can combine different colors to achieve a great looking logo.

The color combinations here can be used in branding and logo designs. The correct color choice for your logo will not only be aesthetically pleasing which gains attention, it can give instant information about a product or business.

There are a few great combinations when combining dark or neutral colors like, black, gray and silver with bright colors such as red, orange, yellow, cyan and lime green. This type of mix is usually best when the dark or neutral color is dominant, with a hint of a bright hue.

However, there are also some great looking combinations that come from combining rich and strong colors.

Logo Color Combinations

Black & Red

Logo Color Combinations Black & Red

You see this combination often in performance PC designs and cars. It’s a great combination of the two colors most associated with power, hence why powerful, performance computers and sports cars often have this color combination.

Black is serious, professional and powerful. Red is also powerful and associated with energy and movement. Mix them together and you have a powerful and striking combination which is aesthetically pleasing.

White & Red

Logo Color Combinations White & Red

White and red works well together, both colors have often been associated with sport, white trainers, white & red sports cars.

White and red is often used in branding, sports cars and clothing. This combination would also work well with a brand or website related to the sports and fitness industry. However, it could also suit many other businesses that wanted to embody the associations of the two colors.

Yellow & Green

Logo Color Combinations Yellow & Green

Yellow mixed with green creates a somewhat elegant and natural/analogous color combination, that’s easy on the eye.

Subway uses this color combination. The yellow is attention grabbing and attractive to look at, plus warm colors like yellow are linked with encouraging appetites. The green has associations with freshness and health, which makes it a great color combination for a food company trying to suggest a healthier and fresher fast food alternative.   

Blue & Purple

Logo Color Combinations Blue & Purple

Depending on the shades used, blue and purple combine to create a very spiritual, intuitive and mysterious looking mix.

This combination could be very suitable and effective in branding for certain products or events. The following subject areas would be suitable, creativity, the performing arts, intuition, magic related, and anything with a strong focus on spirituality or mysteriousness.  

 Pink & Blue

Logo Color Combinations Pink & Blue

Blue provides a degree of seriousness, professionalism and strong and reserved characteristics.

It seems strange to combine it with such an immature, delicate and playful color as pink. However, depending on the shades used, they look and work well together. It’s a color combination that mixes business and pleasure.

Navy Blue & Orange

Logo Color Combinations Blue & Orange

With navy blue as the primary color and orange as the secondary it creates a striking combination. It’s perhaps a little too rich to be suitable for many product logos, however, used in the right amounts and for the right products it could have a powerful impact. It’s very aesthetically pleasing and attention grabbing.

This combination combines the trustworthiness and reserved traits of blue, and the excitement and extroversion of orange.

Purple & Yellow

Logo Color Combinations Purple & Yellow

This is a great looking and striking combination due to the two strong colors being used. Purple is associated with the creative arts, mystery and spirituality. Yellow provides some uplifting and positive energy into the mix. When used in small amounts it is particularly attractive to look at.

This is an interesting combination of associations that mix intuition (Purple) with analytical thinking (Yellow).

Gray & Green

Logo Color Combinations Gray & Green

The neutrality of gray, and the life of green combine to make a great looking combination.

Gray is also a serious, professional, mature and stylish color. Both dark or light green shades would work well. Darker shades of green associates more with nature, natural and health. Lighters shades are more associated with youthfulness and energy.

It could be very suitable for branding, clothing, and fashion, and perhaps even interior design, depending on the amounts and shades used.

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